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Press Release & Work Titles 



Hosted by ‘The shop’ at Sadie Coles, Queerdirect is proud to present a survey of six emerging artists working in London. The works in the show champion the notion of thinking freely and without fear through one's art practice. Combining photography, film, painting and performance the works question and challenge how LGBTQIA+ culture is represented and changing as the movement shifts and grows. Language, identity and survival are woven together to produce different scenes of daily reality’s within society's heterosexual matrix. Collectively the works in the show aim to move away from outcomes defined by binary’s and labels, queering how knowledge is categorised and distributed through the lense of gender, race, class and spheres of capitalism. Finally the show encourages our own license for alternative ways of living and being, creating possibilities to reimagine how we conduct and view ourselves within the public domain. 


Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

River Cao 

Rene Matić

Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings 

Gaby Sahhar 

Issac De Reza 

Declined & Deceased

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